Simulated Divided Light Grilles

Aluminum Exterior SDL Grilles are a superb choice for both commercial window and residential window treatments. 

You can define your design and color to match your taste and style.  We offer a wide range of colors and we can fabricate either traditional colonial grilles or radius grilles for a wide range of geometrics.

The SDL Grilles are applied directly to the glass with double-sided 3M-VHB adhesive tape for a permanent application
for the life of your windows.

Contact JJJ for design considerations or to locate a dealer near you.

Bar Profiles

GB-13886905001J - WHITE

17/64" X 7/8"

GB-13886905003J - BRONZE

17/64" X 7/8"

GB-138867005001J - WHITE

7/16" X 7/8"

GB-13887005002J - SAND

7/16" X 7/8"

To View Examples of Applied SDL Grilles - CLICK HERE