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The improved JJJ Cladding adapts easily to your standard wood exterior door frame




  • Door frame cladding system features: aluminum extrusions for solid durability and security.
  • The cladding adapts to 1-3/16" thick wood outside door frame with no machining. Uses the same weatherstrip and sill systems as your standard door frame.
  • The frame is adjustable for jamb sizes from 4-9/16" to 6-13/16".
  • Standard projection is 1-1/4". (Optional adjustable nailing fin available.
  • Available in five colors: White, Bronze, Sand, and Green.
  • An integral aluminum or hinged vinyl nailing flange and drip cap are available.
  • Extruded Brickmoulding is available to enhance the appearance.
  • Astragal cladding is available for swing patio doors.




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Adjustable Jamb
The frame is adjustable for jamb sizes ranging from 4-9/16" to 6-13/16".
For smaller jambs (Sample B) the "J" jamb needs to be cut.


Cladding Options

  • Fabricated and cut to your specified width and height.
  • Head and sides mitered at 45 degree.
    (You need to trim length and miter bottom for the sill cut.)


Mulling Options
Two mull casing options are available. Standard mull and 1-1/2" Spread mull casing.
Spread mull casing is used for 2x construction between units.
This option adds strength and structural integrity.